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Fortis-TotipotentRX Centre for Cellular Medicine


The Fortis-TotipotentRX Cell Therapy and Cell Production Facility is a state-of-the-art resource that provides support to TotipotentRX’s ( a subsidiary of Cesca Therapeutics) clinical trial team, our subsidiary NovaCord Cord Blood Bank, Fortis Healthcare’s Bone Marrow Transplant Team, and the Fortis Healthcare investigators who are conducting Phase Ib and Phase II clinical trials that require cellular manufacturing for stem cell based therapies and adoptive immunotherapies. The scope of activities includes the purification of autologous and allogeneic stem cells, non-genetically engineered patient and donor cells, clinical cell purification, and extensive QA/QC oversight. The entire facility is housed within a brand new state of the art multi-specialty Fortis healthcare research hospital, and is designed to enhance patient safety and to meet the current Good Manufacturing Practices requirements of the U.S.Food and Drug Administration, WHO, and EMEA

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