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Bone Marrow Transplantation Program

Program Overview

Our vision is to provide application-specific automated technology which revolutionizes how cellular therapies are conducted. At the core of successful clinical outcomes is efficient recovery of viable cells  throughout source material  collection, cell selection/depletoin, characterization,  and delivery of the cells to the patient. Cesca is constantly innovating to improve the CellWerks (AutoXpress®) patent protected system to achieve cell manufacturing process control in a rapid 60-90min process. The AutoXpress platform provides greater efficiency for concentrating hematopoietic stem cells over manual methods.

Applications in development:

1) ABO Mismatch (major and minor)

  • RBC and Plasma Depletion Protocols capable of achieving 0.5 ml RBCs/kg weight. Applicable to both pediatric and adult patients.

2) Pre-processing for T cell depletion protocols

  • Concentration of hematopoietic stem cells, reduced RBC content prior to T cell selection/depletion protocols with high lymphocyte recovery.


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CellWerks with AutoXpress® Technology for Bone Marrow Transplantation

In order to meet the advancing needs of bone marrow transplant centers, Cesca has developed protocols specific to the needs of this rapidly advancing field. We will work with you as part of our CellWerks program to develop the ideal protocol for your unique process. We can help your laboratory achieve efficiencies and find new methods for improvement in order to stay ahead of the technology curve.


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