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What is CellWerks?

Cesca Therapeutics has designed an integrated protocol, disposable and equipment product for rapid intra-laboratory use under the direction of a licensed physician.

  • Protocol : A defined standard operating procedure containing step-by-step instructions on the operation of processing/purification equipment and companion disposables necessary to produce a defined cellular output applicable to defined applications (ie. Bone Marrow Transplantation, Cellular Purification from Cord Blood etc.). We can provide standard protocols or work with each individual partner to established a customized protocol specific to their unique process.
  • Disposables : A complete sterile “single-use” kit containing the medical processing disposables necessary to produce the defined cellular dose (ie. AutoXpress┬« cell processing disposable).
  • Equipment : Cesca’s platform processing device (AutoXpress┬« Technology) to produce the defined cellular dose (ie. centrifuge for cell processing and purification).



Our vision is to provide application-specific automated technology in compliance with the US FDA (or appropriate equivalent), which revolutionize how autologous cellular therapies are conducted. At the core of successful clinical outcomes is the maintenance of cell viability and potency throughout the process of source material collection, target cell selection, characterization/dose determination, and final delivery of the cells to the patient. Cesca is developing a unique and patent protected system designed to achieve cell manufacturing process control in a rapid 60-90min process.