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ThermoGenesis Announces Strategic Reorganization Initiative

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA, October 30, 2013—ThermoGenesis Corp. (NASDAQ: KOOL)
today announced a strategic reorganization initiative designed to better align resources with its
expected cord blood revenue streams, increase its internal clinical resource capabilities and
provide greater focus on new application development to improve the Company’s market
competitiveness and to speed AXP® AutoXpress® Platform (AXP) adoption in developed and
emerging markets. The Company expects these changes will enable it to generate cash from its
cord blood business in the coming two to three quarters in addition to realigning its professional
resources to support its rapid expansion into the regenerative medicine space. “One of our
primary objectives is to continue to invest in our AXP Platform and clinical resources needed to
further expand the system’s clinical intelligence and technological functionality. In this way, we
can better meet the evolving cell processing needs of our cord blood customers and expand its
use into our vascular and orthopedic cell therapy initiatives,” said Matthew Plavan, Chief
Executive Officer of ThermoGenesis.

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