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BMT Program Overview

Program Overview

Our vision is to provide application-specific automated technology, which revolutionize how autologous cellular therapies are conducted.  At the core of successful clinical outcomes is the maintenance of cell viability and potency throughout the process of source material collection, target cell selection (and depletion protocols), characterization/dose determination, and final delivery of the cells to the patient.  Cesca is constantly innovating to improve the CellWerks (AutoXpress®) patent protected system to achieve cell manufacturing process control in a rapid 60-90min process.

Applications where Cesca can assist in HSCT (Bone Marrow & Peripheral Blood Applications

1) Cord Blood Processing

2) Bone Marrow Processing

The MarrowXpresss (MXP) system for concentration of stem cells from bone marrow. Low RBC and excellent stem cell recovery.  (for intralaboratory use).

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