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CellWerks™ BMT

What is CellWerks BMT?

Cesca Therapeutics provides an integrated protocol, disposable and equipment product for rapid intra-laboratory use under the direction of a licensed physician.

  • Protocol : BMT specific operating procedure(s) containing step-by-step instructions.
  • Disposables : A complete sterile “single-use” kit containing the medical processing disposables necessary to produce the defined cellular dose in a defined volume of purified bone marrow concentrate (ie. AutoXpress® cell processing disposable).
  • EquipmentCesca’s platform processing device (AutoXpress® Technology) to produce the defined cellular dose (ie. centrifuge for cell processing and purification).

Diagram – Cesca will take your BMT program to the next          level in efficiency!


*CellWerks is currently only available in International markets.