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AutoXpress® (MarrowXpress)

Unbelievable Cellular Purification. Verifiable Tracking.

The MarrowXpress™ (MXP™) System defines a new processing standard for isolating and concentrating stem cells from bone marrow aspirate. It is an automated, functionally closed, sterile system that volume-reduces bone marrow to a user-defined volume in 30 minutes. Standard harvest volumes retain over 90% of the mononuclear cells (MNC)1. Self-powered and microprocessor-controlled, the MXP™ System contains flow control optical sensors which achieve precise separation.

  • Ensures consistently high recoveries of mononuclear cells (MNC) in a targeted volume
  • Simultaneously processes multiple bone marrow units
  • Automates the volume reduction process
  • Processes bone marrow without cell separation media or sedimentation agent

Complete System Solution.

The MarrowXpress™ (MXP™) System includes:

  • MXP™ device
  • Docking station
  • Processing set
  • XpressTRAK™ software
  • Accessories

High Yield. Viable Cells.

  • Consistently high MNC recoveries and CD34+ recoveries1
  • Precise delivery of target final volume1
  • Reliable collection of all fractions: buffy coat, RBCs and plasma

Uncompromising Safety. Quality Results.

  • Automated, closed, sterile system
  • Integrated sampling pillows for pre- and post-processing sterile sample collection
  • Low residual red blood cell contamination
  • Unit is self-powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery

Efficient Automaton.

  • Simultaneous processing of up to six samples streamlines the workflow
  • Rapid sample separation and concentration complete in 30 minutes
  • Separate collection bags for buffy coat, plasma, and RBCs
  • Reliable and reproducible reduction of initial unit volume to a user-determined final volume

Persistent Quality Control. Accurate Data.

  • XpressTRAK software provides quick and accurate data tracking and documentation specific to each bone marrow unit processed
  • Captures sample processing data for quality assurance and compliance with current good tissue practices (cGTP) and good manufacturing practices (cGMP)
  • Stores processing data in a searchable, sortable database
  • XpressLINK software provides the ability to link data from MXP devices in real time

XpressTRAK Data Acquisition Software

XpressTRAK Data Acquisition Software collects processing and system information through a user interface and stores it in a searchable, sortable database.

1Data on file.
Note: The safety and effectiveness of this device for in vivo indications for use has not been established.

Cell Preservation

The MXP™ System is intended for the automated preparation of stem cell concentrates from bone marrow aspirate in a laboratory setting. The system consists of a microprocessor-controlled, software-operated device with an optical sensor. The device is utilized with a dedicated disposable set consisting of multiple, sterile bags and a microprocessor-controlled valve to direct fluid movement. The fluid path within the disposable is sterile, non-pyrogenic and functionally closed. The system delivers an operator-selected volume of stem cell concentrate into the product bag. Total processing time is within 30 minutes. The final product can range from 10 to 22 mL with ± 1 mL accuracy. No cell separation media or sedimentation agent is required for the MXP™ process.


The MXP process begins with the device being spun at an initial centrifugation rate of 1,400g for 20 minutes during which the bone marrow is stratified into its plasma, buffy coat and red blood cell layers. This centrifugation is followed by a second and final centrifugation at 80g for 10 minutes during which the blood layers are transferred into the red cell bag and the buffy coat into the product bag. The processing/plasma bag contains the remaining plasma.

MXP System: The Steps of Processing and Harvesting Bone Marrow

  1. Transfer the bone marrow to the MXP processing set and collect a pre-processing sample in the sampling pillow.
  2. Load the processing set into the MXP device.
  3. Spin up to six MXP devices in the centrifuge to separate and harvest the stem-cell rich blood fraction.

  1. Remove the processing set.
  2. Place the MXP device into the docking station.
  3. Processing data is automatically downloaded to the XpressTrak screen.

Processing of Bone Marrow Aspirate

Filled MXP processing/plasma bag


MXP Centrifugation: High Speed Spin

  • 1,400 RCF
  • Stratification of blood components


MXP Centrifugation: High Speed Spin

  • 1,400 RCF
  • Cell stratification complete after 20 minutes



MXP Centrifugation: Low Speed Spin

  • 80 RCF
  • RBC Removal
  • Stem Cell Harvest

RBC Removal

  • Valve turns to direct packed RBC flow into RBC bag until the optical sensor detects light passage.
  • Valve turns to the OFF position. The device tares the product bag weight to zero.


Stem Cell Harvest

  • Valve is then turned to direct the flow of the cell concentrate into the product bag. Initially packed RBC then buffy coat fraction enter the product bag.
  • Valve is intermittently opened and closed adding plasma until the product bag is filled to the operator defined volume (10-22 mL).Once reached the valve rotates to closed position.

Published Journal Articles

  • C. Maione, et. al., Effect of Autologous Transplantation of Bone Marrow Cells Concentrated with the MarrowXpress system in Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia. Transplantation preceedings, 45, 402-402 (2013

Scientific Posters