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Cellular Bioprocessing

Cellular BioProcess  Technologies

Cesca has developed a complete suite of BioProcess technologies to cater to the needs of the Bio-banking, and  regenerative medicine market.  Our technology is designed specifically for the following groups:

  • Clinical Development Companies (integrating GMP compliant technologies for manufacturing and storage process control)
  • Commercialization stage companies upgrading their process to include GMP compliant process control
  • Biobanking Facilities (cord blood, bone marrow and other tissues)

Product Lines

axp     product-mxp-marrowxpress

The AutoXpress® Platform  is an automated, functionally closed system that consistently and efficiently concentrates the stem cell-rich buffy coat of blood, and isolates it from the plasma and red blood cell fractions.

The system reduces bulk and concentrates the buffy coat to  a precise volume selected by the operator and does so with the highest precision, safety, and confidence.

  • Functionally closed system for sterile processing
  • Rapid, scale-able processing in standard centrifuge
  • Automates the volume reduction process
  • Provides consistent cell concentration volumes
  • Ensures high recoveries of mononuclear cells (MNCs) in a targeted volume
  • Allows for simultaneously processesing of multiple samples in one centrifuge
  • Software that enables GMP compliance

AXP®   for Cord Blood Processing

MXP™ MarrowXpress for Bone Marrow Processing



The BioArchive® System is the only fully robotic storage and retrieval system for cryopreserving stem cell samples.

By using a proven, computer controlled technology and tracking software, the BioArchive provides the best protection for today’s valuable stem cell samples that meet tomorrow’s stem cell therapy needs.