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Vision & Values

Vision and Values

Our Business:

At Cesca Therapeutics, we develop and market integrated cellular therapies and delivery systems that advance the safe and effective practice of Regenerative Medicine.

Our Vision:

We are at the cutting-edge of medical development – and through our advanced clinical trials, novel medical device development and in-house cellular manufacturing and quality control expertise, we intend to lead the industry. We are uniquely positioned and expect to maintain our leadership position though active collaborations with physicians, researchers, hospitals and blood banks on a wide range of clinical, cell-based approaches to medical treatment.

Our Operating Principles:

Accountability: Accepts responsibility. Takes ownership of challenges and delivers on commitments.

Bias for Action: Takes initiative; anticipates and addresses issues as they arise without waiting to be asked.

Teamwork: Shares knowledge, experience and ideas openly in interactions with coworkers. Steps in to help and support colleagues where necessary.

Collective Responsibility: Places organizational and/or team goals ahead of their own. Demonstrates commitment to team success in word and in deed.

One Level Up Thinking: Considers issues and opportunities as if from the vantage point of their manager when developing recommendations for a course of action.

Mutual Respect: Interacts in a respectful and professional manner with colleagues at all times; challenges ideas rather individuals.

Open Communication: Listens actively and openly shares information and insight for the good of the team.

Judgement: Demonstrates maturity and wisdom in decision-making; exercises sound judgment.

Quality Policy Statement:

At Cesca Therapeutics Inc., we are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations and requirements with high quality, reliable and safe products and services through open communication, effective processes, continuous improvement, and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.