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We develop, commercialize and market a range of automated technologies for CAR-T and other cell-based therapies.


With revolutionary cell-based therapies for cancer approaching reality, CAR-T developers must address a key challenge: how to manufacture high-quality, clinical-grade CAR-T cells at scale to provide these groundbreaking treatments to as many patients as possible.

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ThermoGenesis - The device division of Cesca Therapeutics

ThermoGenesis, our device division, is a leading developer of automated technologies for clinical biobanking, point-of-care cell-based therapeutics and cellular processing for immuno-oncology and other clinical applications.
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Point of Care Treatments - the clinical division of Cesca Therapeutics

Cesca Clinical, our therapeutics division, leverages our proprietary cellular processing technology platform to develop safe and efficacious point-of-care therapies targeting a broad range of indications with unmet medical needs, including osteoarthritis and critical limb ischemia. Our goal is to establish partnerships to further advance these promising programs. Learn More

Boyalife is committed to innovative drug discovery, Precision Medicine technology, health management and disease model research. We are building an internationally influential life and health industry chain.